Lake Host Program

The Lake Host™ Program is a courtesy boat inspection program administered by NH LAKES in cooperation with local participating groups to prevent the introduction and spread of aquatic invasive species, plants and animals, from waterbody to waterbody.

Infestations of invasive species such as variable milfoil and Asian Clams in our water bodies are undesirable because: they make recreation in and on the water dangerous and unpleasant; they disrupt the ecological balance of waterbodies; they reduce shoreline property values; and they are difficult and expensive to control.

Trained Lake Hosts staff boat ramps to:

  • Educate visiting boaters about aquatic invasive species (plants and animals)
  • Conduct a brief boater survey
  • Teach boaters the “Clean, Drain & Dry” method for preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species
  • Conduct courtesy boat and trailer inspections to remove all hitchhiking aquatic invasive species
  • Send suspicious species fragments to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services for identification

Being a Lake Host is a great summer job and we are always looking for people. If interested, please fill out the Lake Host Application below and you will be contacted promptly by the Lake Host manager.

We welcome volunteers! If you would like to volunteer as a Lake Host at the boat launch for a day or even just a few hours, please contact us. It’s a great way to meet people and feel part of the Great East Lake community.

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