Boating Safety

Since our July annual meeting and its attendance by representatives of the NH Marine Patrol and the Maine Warden Service we believe we have had more appearances on the lake than in the past by those departments.  Nevertheless we are still receiving some complaints from lake residents about speed violations in “No Wake” areas and high speed and reckless operation.  Especially troubling have been  reports of operations that have come extremely close to some of our loon families.

We will be meeting again before next season with these two agencies to request additional coverage which we believe will happen, however they have budget and personnel issues which limit the amount of coverage they can provide.

If you see boating operations that are in violation of the existing regulations or that create a safety issue you are requested by both states to call their telephone numbers below.  In New Hampshire you will talk directly with the Marine Patrol.  In Maine you will talk with the State Police dispatcher who will notify the area Warden.  It is important that you ask to have a return phone call from the Marine Patrol or Warden Service. Your phone number will be required for that return call, is considered confidential,  and will not be released during any follow up activity.
Maine State Police (Warden Service)  800-452-4664
NH Marine Patrol  603-293-2037

Although some boating violations are no doubt caused by folks with  a “it doesn’t apply to me attitude” many are simply a matter lack of awareness of what the rules say or mean.

Safe boating practices are explained in Boating Safety Regulations issued each year by both states.  GELIA  supplies those pamphlets each year at its annual meeting and they are available at marinas, fishing supply stores and outlets that issue fishing licenses. A good idea to “brush up” on those items you may not remember.  For example, do you know what all those colors mean on the marker buoys you see around the lake??

Walt Neff     GELIA Boating Safety     603-926-7278