GELIA Programs & Initiatives

GELIA is a volunteer run organization with the mission of protecting the welfare of Great East Lake through several programs and initiatives. For more information on GELIA’s work and involvement, see the summary information below and click the links for more details.

Lake Host Program

The Lake Host Program is a courtesy boat inspection program with the goals of education and the prevention of introduction of invasive species, plants and animals into the lake. The Lake Host Program is administered by NH Lakes in conjunction with local organizations like GELIA.

Weed Watchers

The Weed Watcher program was started in 2001 in an effort to protect Great East Lake from invasive plants. This has grown to include the “Weed Warrior”, a modified pontoon boat used for annual surveys.

Love our Lake

Love our Lake is a GELIA project aimed at education, raising awareness and strengthening community support for protecting the lake and the enjoyment of lake life!

Water Quality Monitoring

Water quality monitoring data is extensive for Great East Lake and GELIA has been instrumental in the process for approximately 5 decades. Historically, the water quality of Great East Lake has been excellent and classified as nutrient poor, clear water or oligotrophic.

Navigational Markers

GELIA works in cooperation with the States of Maine and New Hampshire to place navigational markers around the lake. New Hampshire Marine patrol is responsible for placing markers on the New Hampshire side of the lake, and GELIA places markers on the Maine side. The markers are generally placed soon after ice out, and are taken out in the late fall.

Watershed Survey

The watershed survey was most recently completed in 2021 in conjunction with AWWA. The aim of the survey was to inspect the watershed of Great East Lake in order to identify sites that impact water quality. Once sites were identified and classified, they were communicated with property owners. AWWA and GELIA will continue to work with property owners as requested to develop remediation plans.


The Acton Wakefield Watershed Alliance is dedicated to protecting and restoring the water quality of lakes, rivers and ponds in the Wakefield and Acton region, and is an important GELIA partner. AWWA is a tremendous resource for information about how we can protect our lake, and runs a Youth Conservation Corp Program to assist property owners with erosion control projects.


GELIA publishes a newsletter, the Newichawannock News, several times a year, to keep members up to date on key issues and information about the lake.

Annual Meeting

GELIA holds its annual meet in mid July. Members are invited to come meet other members of the association, learn about important issues facing the lake, and enjoy the traditional hot dog lunch.

GELIA Membership

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