A Little History

Our association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of Great East Lake established in 1932, its wildlife, and environment. We see education as a primary function of this organization. Only through vigilant action and financial support can we hope to ensure that future generations will share the experience of stewardship for the treasure that is Great East Lake. 

What Does it Mean to Get Involved?

There are numerous ways to get involved with Great East Lake. From programs unique and intimate programs like the weed watchers to the Lake Host program that is across the state of New Hampshire. There is no shortage of ways to become an active member of your lake life community!

What Does it Mean to Become a Member?

Becoming a member of the Great East Lake Improvement Association grants access to updates like the newsletter where reports about the environment and wildlife can be further explored. Membership is another way to support the association and ensure care for the lake is optimal to keep in such pristine condition.

From Wildlife to Water

Great East Lake hosts numerous aquatic and terrestrial species. These organisms play a vital role in the health of the lake which is why the association works closely with the Acton Wakefield Watershed Alliance (AWWA) to closely monitor the water quality and its contents. Loon reports are conducted annually to keep track of how many chicks are born, where their approximate locations are, and the general health of the birds. There are many components of keeping the environment clean, so why not learn about it here!

Get Involved!

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GELIA’s effectiveness in helping to preserve this wonderful lake over the years has resulted from the combination of extraordinary member participation.

Watch the Weeds

WHO? Anyone who is committed to maintaining the pristine conditions of our beautiful lake.

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