Boat Launch

The main public boat launch for Great East Lake is located in Acton, Maine, and accessed via Canal Road to Robertson Road. The boat launch is operated by the State of Maine.

Please say hello to the GELIA Lake Hosts who will be checking boats and trailers for invasive species.

Navigational Markers

GELIA works in cooperation with the States of Maine and New Hampshire to place navigational markers around the lake.

New Hampshire Marine patrol is responsible for placing its markers on the New Hampshire side of the lake, and GELIA places markers on the Maine side. The markers are generally placed soon after ice out, and are taken out in the late fall.

At the boat launch you will find the red and green channel markers. Stay between these markers as you head in or out of the boat launch, keeping red on your right as you head away from the boat launch.
Throughout the lake you will see various navigational markers.

These are generally intended to mark hazardous areas and shallow rocks. Please note that not every hazardous area is marked, and you should use caution in the general vicinity of a marker, or between markers. It is the boater’s responsibility to know safe and unsafe areas of the lake for boating.

Please observe all headway speed markers.

Refrain from tying your boat up a navigational marker, as this is illegal in both states.

If you see navigational markers that are missing or broken away on the Maine side, please contact GELIA. On the NH side, please contact NH Marine Patrol at 603-293-2037


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