2015 Annual Meeting

The GELIA Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, July 11th at Weeks Park, off Dearborn Road and Acton Ridge Road in Sanbornville, along the north shore of the lake.

All GELIA members and “not-yet-members” are welcome.

The event opens at 9 a.m., so plan to visit the various displays and information booths to learn about our various committees and involvements, from Memberships, the Loon Preservation Committee, Moose Mountain Regional Greenways, and the Three Rivers Land Trust, among others.  

You can purchase GELIA Merchandise, AWWA 2016 Calendars, “Newichawannock Reflections” (Memories of Great East Lake) Laminated Charts, Paper Maps Reports and get other updates on GELIA programs, Volunteer Sign Up for Weed Watchers and the Lake Host Program.  There will be RAFFLE Tickets for sale until 10 a.m.

Covered Seating Available & LUNCH will be compliments of GELIA – hotdogs, chips and soda

The meeting starts promptly at 10 a.m.

See you there!

About the Watershed Survey

 We are pleased to announce that the Great East Lake 2021 Watershed Report is finished and
available as a PDF link below. Many thanks to Jon Balanoff, the AWWA Executive Director, for
his perseverance in seeing the project through to this point.
We all know that our lake is very clear and clean, but the challenge before us is to keep it that
way for future generations. The survey identified many sites throughout the watershed that
threaten its present condition. Here is a quick summary of the findings:

           -25 sites were identified as having a high impact on water quality
           -97 sites were identified with medium impact
           -101 sites were identified with low impact

Of these 200+ sites, about half of them require no-cost or low-cost remediation. The other half
are more involved, more technically challenging, and will have a greater expense associated with
them. Please keep in mind that AWWA’s Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) is available to assist
with remediation projects and property owners need only pay the cost for materials, not labor.

Letters and emails have been sent to all participating members informing them if erosion issues
were found on their property or not. If issues were found, members were provided with details
of the findings and suggested remediation methods.

If you do not receive a letter or email and would like to inquire about findings on your property
you can send your request to either the GELIA Watershed Committee email or the AWWA email
address listed below to request that information. Please provide your name, the property
owner’s name and the property address in your request.


We urge all property owners to read the report as it’s filled with useful information, helpful
remediation options and best practices for all kinds of issues. We also want to stress the
importance of addressing issues promptly should any be identified on your property.
Thank you again to all those who assisted with this survey and thanks to everyone for helping to
keep our lake as clean, clear and beautiful as we possibly can.