Millfoil Discovery

July, 2006

GELIA would like to congratulate expert Weed Watcher Carol Lafond on her discovery of what appears to be variable milfoil. Carol routinely snorkels the cove at the Maine boat launch and spotted the single plant which was then pulled. Amy Smagula, NH DES Exotic Species Program Director, examined the specimen and is fairly certain that it is the dreaded variable milfoil but has sent it out for conclusive DNA testing.

According to Amy, this early detection and routine subsequent inspections can prevent the plant from ever spreading further so we may have dodged a bullet. This is a RED ALERT for all Weed Watchers to be extra vigilant in your inspections and please report any questionable plants directly to Amy Smagula, 271-2248 or GELIA Weed Watcher Coordinator, Bess Smith at 522-0074. We can beat this threat if we all work together.