Greetings from AWWA

As another summer unfolds into its Great East glory the Acton Wakefield Watersheds Alliance is ready to partner with each of you to help keep our lakes clean. What we do on land determines what kind of lake we leave for our children and future generations. Our most exciting project for 2012 is our grant to fix chronic erosion problems on gravel roads.

The folks on Langley Shores Drive are busy working with AWWA, the York County Soil and Water Conservation District and the Maine Dept. of Environmental Protection to install much needed erosion controls on their pri-vate road and are setting a great example for other road associations around the lake. The work should commence in June so take a ride over this summer and check out their solutions to tough road problems. GELIA Director Arnie Murray is leading the charge on Langley Shores so give him a call at (207) 477-8494 or email if you want to know how to get your association going.

Look for the next edition of the AWWA NEWS coming soon for more exciting project. Remember that there are many things you can do to keep your property “lake friendly” by controlling erosion, maintaining your natural vegetation, properly maintaining your septic system and eliminating fertil-izers and pesticides from your yard. Clean water begins on land and we can all make a difference.

AWWA can be reached at (603) 473-2500 or Visit our website at for news of our programs and helpful clean lakes information.