Great East Lake Dam 241.14 in Wakefield

  • This dam is constructed across the dredged outlet channel of Great East Lake in the Salmon Falls River WatelShed 5.3 miles upstream of Milton Mills
  • Great East Lake is the source of the Salmon Falls River which forms the lower boundary between New Hampshire and Maine
  • The dam is 68 ft long, 15 feet high oonaele structure
  • There are two 20.50 ft wide spillways with 2 feet of freeboard to the top of the dam
  • There is one 6’w x 7’h sluice gate with sloplogs upstream of the gate
  • The drainage area is 16 square miles
  • The lakes surface areas is 1,800 acres
  • The length of the inpoundment is approximately 3.8 miles
  • The downstream channel is a stone lined channel 1,800 feet long with a 13 foot bottom width and 10 feel high banks which was purportedly built with civil war labor
  • Takes approximately 6.10 inches of runoff to fill the 3 foot drawdown
  • One inch of runoff raises the lake by approxmatefy 5.4 inches
  • Snow samples are taken throughout the winter to help determine the estimate rate of refill
  • If the dam were to fail the lake would drop by approximately 20 vertical feet

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