GELIA Annual Photo Contest

Our annual photo contest is becoming an important part of preserving and sharing our membership’s fondest memories of their time spent at the lake. Participation has been very good and we hope it keeps increasing!

The idea is that we take the best 13 photos submitted and create a calendar which will be available for sale at the following annual meeting. This also has the benefit of being a fund raiser for GELIA and creating a historical photo archive of our beloved lake and its inhabitants.

Let me first thank the judges who worked so hard to rank the 61 photo submissions from 20 photographers. It’s not an easy task! Our Judges for 2010: Elaine Meagher, Dave Needham, and Nancy Duran.

Drum roll please… The winners of the 2011 Calendar Photo Contest who received a framed copy of their picture at the Annual Meeting are:

Ranking Photographer Title
1st Place (Cover): Leo Ginns Morning Light
2nd Place (Feb): Gary Field Misty Morning Fog
3rd Place (Sep): Gayle Elsberry A Calm South Cove
Best in Special Category (Oct): Susi Alvino Fall in Anderson Cove

The following people submitted pictures that were accepted for use in the calendar and received a free copy of the 2011 GELIA Calendar: “A Measure of Time at Great East Lake”!

January Leo Ginns Lifting Mist
March Ginny Hallett Early Morning Mist
April Ann Travers Just Ducky
May Adam Wobrock Knee Boarder
June Jennifer Whitney Got Ya!
July Rebecca Ginns Great East Lake Kayaker
August Margot MacArthur Jumping Into Summer
November Nancy Maloney The Flasher
December Mary Field Sunday Evening Sunset

All the above people will receive a free copy of the 2011 GELIA Calendar.

I thank everyone who participated, for making the GELIA Photo Contest a great success! Submissions for the 2012 Calendar will be accepted starting January 1st, 2011, and you have until March 15th to work on digging out and selecting your favorite pictures so you can send them in.

View Contest Rules and download, print, and mail an entry form:

Any questions relating to the photo contest can be directed to:

We also need volunteer judges. No special qualifications are required, just an appreciation of nice photography! The top three 2010 prize winners are not eligible to enter photos in 2011, but are strongly encouraged to be judges! Volunteer by sending an email to: