GELIA Officers 2017-2018

1. Charles Crespi, President (send email)

2. David Elwell, Vice President

3. Jeff Lebida,  Treasurer

4. Effie Jaramillo, Secretary

 Board of Directors

GELIA Committees

5. Chris Allen
6. Susi Alvino
7. Chuck Hodsdon
8. Caitlyn McKay
9. Michelle Rhudick
10. Dwayne Scruton
11. Barry Russo
12. Deb Parkin
13. Deanna St Pierre
14. Matt St Pierre
15. David Upton
16. Selene Berube
17. John Bath
18. Dave Mankus
19. Tom Knowlton
20. John Crespi
Boating Safety
Barry Russo
Newsletter Editor
Dave Elwell
Dave Mankus
David Upton
Membership Coordinator
Susi Alvino
Water Quality Testing
Chuck Hodsdon
Bob Chooljian
Weed Watchers
Deb Parkin
Lake Hosts
Caitlyn McKay
Chris Allen
Loon Protection
Chuck Hodsdon and Bill Hohenberger

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