AWWA Supports More Pollution Control Projects in 2013

By Linda Schier

Reducing the pollution coming from the land into the lake is AWWA’s focus.  Pollution in the form of soils washing off roads and lakefront properties is the number one issue threatening the water quality of our lake but there is much we can do.

Many of you have already taken advantage of AWWA’s Youth Conservation Corps program by having erosion control features installed by AWWA’s energetic crew and there are a number of projects on the lake scheduled for 2013.  But there are still more properties that can use some help. Our landscapes have a way of changing over time as a result of stormwater runoff or changes in our landscaping, so take a look around your property and if you have any concerns contact AWWA Program Manager, Dustin Johnson at (603) 473-2500 or for a free consultation. If your property qualifies as a YCC project site it is simple – the design is free, you buy the materials and AWWA supplies the labor. 

Last year’s successful road maintenance projects on Langley Shores Drive have made a major difference in the road runoff reaching the lake, and this year the Abbott Road Jericho Way Association is following suit. With support from the Maine Department of Environmental Services and AWWA, both these roads will be models of effective road management techniques to divert the water away from the lake and reduce the erosion caused by stormwater runoff.  Take a drive to check out their great projects. Arnie Murray from Langley Shores Drive will talk about their project at the Annual Meeting so don’t miss this great way to learn how you can help your road association make a difference.

Remember – Clean Water Begins on Land!

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