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2014 Drawdown

The State of NH has announced the annual Fall drawdown of the dam on Great East Lake will be on October 1 in the amount of 3 feet.

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Great East Lake Improvement Association

Our association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of Great East Lake, its wildlife, and environment. We see education as a primary function of this organization. Only through vigilant action and financial support can we hope to ensure that future generations will share the experience of stewardship for the treasure that is Great East Lake.

The Great East Lake Improvement Association (GELIA) traces its roots back to 1932. The founding members came together to address issues concerning the early annual fall draw-down for commercial purposes, and to discuss solutions and preventative measures for current and potential problems. It is a fundamental desire of all GELIA members to enhance and protect the quality of the lake and the surrounding habitat today and for future generations to enjoy. Maintaining a healthy lake requires ongoing vigilance by all.

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